Oil Paintings

Oil Paintings

Los Angeles Master Painter Pomm decided to become an artist after completing her art studies in Aix-en-Provence. Back in America, she studied watercolor painting with Laguna Beach artist Scott Moore. She developed a signature style that evoked the feel of Europe through the use of several layers of translucent color in her paintings.

Once she mastered the watercolor medium, Pomm decided to give oils a try in 2003. She began to apply her skills and talent as a master watercolorist to oil by using her hallmark watercolor technique. Pomm has created a series of oil paintings which capture the spirit and motion of other artists in the creation of their art.

Pomm also strives to raise awareness on several issues through her art, especially in human rights.

She is a member of Artists for Human Rights International, a group formed with the purpose of bringing artists together to raise awareness and educate people about human rights. As the group's Visual Arts Director, Pomm helped to organize three exhibits in New York and Los Angeles, while building membership and support for the group. One of her most recent works, "We Believe in Peace," was created with the intention of advancing the cause of world peace.

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Pomm is happy to share her work with others in her Pasadena studio. Her watercolor, oil, and signature collection can be viewed by appointment only.

To schedule an appointment, please call 626-219-6351 .

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