Commissioned Portraits

Creating Your Portrait with Pomm

In a nod to the Renaissance,
Pomm is bringing back the art of the portrait
in a beautiful and modern way.

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A collaboration with Pomm is inspired by the studios during the Renaissance. Her advanced approach incorporates a team of professionals including a photographer, stylist, hair and makeup artist, prop master, and the artist herself. Every individual works to create an environment that inspires the painting. Pomm will then utilize these images in order to transform them into your dream on canvas.

Pomm consults with each of her clients
to understand who they are,
what their hopes and dreams are,
how they wish to express themselves,
and then captures that on her canvas.

Pick your dream:
sailing, the tropics Italy....
create whatever you wish to have.

Pat Frey is an internationally renowned art director and stylist who has an incredible eye for artistic detail. She is passionate about selecting the perfect integrated elements to create the dream environment of the client.

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