Art Terms Defined

Artist's Proof - The most limited and valued of an artist's editions, these are very limited in the number available. In some cases, they are the actual proofs created by the printer and sent to the artist for approval. The artist then selects the proof which meets his quality standards for printing.

Edition - A term for a painting, or other 2-dimensional work of art, and the number of prints of that same title by the artist. For example, 250 prints were made of Pomm's painting, "Rue De Bois". One could say, then, "in the edition of 'Rue De Bois' there are only has 250 prints total." The edition could be "open," meaning there is no limit to the number of prints made.

Giclee ( zhee-clay) - French word meaning basically a "spray of water." It is a special printing process where archival inks, in millions of colors, are sprayed onto paper or canvas to create a print as close to the original painting as possible,

Limited Edition - Means there is a limited number of prints made. When the limited editions are sold out, no more prints are produced and so, the limited edition print instrinsically has more value. Any type of print may be a limited edition including giclees, lithographs, and so on. The artist or the artist's publisher make the decision on whether or not to produce a limited edition. Limited Editions are always numbered and the number of a given Limited Edition print is always displayed somewhere on the print. For example, if the edition has 350 prints available, the prints would be numbered 1/350, 2/350. In lithography, the printing plate made to produce a limited edition would be destroyed after the print run was completed. Look for a number on a Limited Edition at the bottom of the print.

Lithograph - A lithographic print produced by Lithography, an ages-old reproduction process wherein the printer makes plates to recreate the image on paper. Also called "Litho."

Open Edition - An edtion with no limit on the amount of prints that will be reproduced. Examples of Open Editions are posters which are often mass produced.

Original - The original artwork that the artist created. This is not a print or reproduction but the actual artwork the artist originally made. (Pomm's "True Integrity" and "We Believe In Peace" are examples of her originals.)

Serigraphs - A process of print making in which a stencil and a fine mesh screen are used; the ink is applied to and forced through the small holes in the screen leaving the covered area free from ink. There can be many screens made for each artwork depending on the number of colors used. The number of screens can exceed 100 for one image. (Pomm's "Fresh Air", "Homecoming" and "The Corridor" prints are all Serigraphs.)

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