Paintings Inspired by Motion & Energy

While studying art as a college student in Aix-en-Provence, Pomm fell in love with the Old World architecture. She grew particularly fond of the southern regions of France, where the sun and flowers inspired her to return again and again. Upon returning to America completely inspired and entranced by Europe, she decided to become an artist and studied watercolor with watercolorist Scott Moore in Laguna Beach. By applying many layers of translucent watercolor, she learned how to evoke the feel of Europe by painting strong colors, light, and shadows. A "hidden apple" is found in all her works, the artist's signature of authenticity and assurance of her high standards and exceptional quality of art.

Pomm's oils capture the energy of life's creative moments, especially the energy transmitted by people creating art. What inspires her?

"The shape and form of the dancers, the motion and passion of the musicians, the quiet intensity of the sculptors as they chiseled elephants out of wood, even the warm friendly conversation between companions inspired me to want to capture that energy. The energy mirrored on their faces and the energy in their forms, at the moments of their creativity, is what I found most captivating. In particular was the sense of motion. Seeing others creating inspired me further."

Besides being a Los Angeles master painter and Impressionistic oil painter, Pomm also works on Renaissance-inspired portraits and commissioned paintings and murals. Her goal is to capture the true beauty and essence of her subjects by using several painting techniques, such as a unique "feather brush" style that pays homage to the school of French Impressionists. She also shares her love for painting with others by teaching painting workshops throughout Southern California.

View the Los Angeles Master Painter's Work

Pomm's collection of oil, watercolor, and signature famous collection can be viewed at her Glendale, CA studio in Los Angeles by appointment only.

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