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A Legend of Limoges

By Jody Lynn Perry, Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved

There is a small city in the middle of France called Limoges (French pronunciation: lee-moejj). Kaolin, a fine, white clay, the same used by the Tang Dynasty in China for their own renowned fine porcelain, was later found in Limoges in 1768. Soon factories sprouted as the French, forever and eternally artists, created their own exquisite porcelain.

Porcelain is named for mother-of-pearl; they both share that delicate sheen for which they are famous. It is likely some of these stunning sets found themselves in Versailles, upon the great table of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

Perhaps a boy, working in the factories, serendipitously pocketed a few shards of some broken pieces, and, with his father and siblings, fashioned a pendant for his mother.

And now, to you who hold dear the majesty and grace of artistic ingenuity, we shall move forward, riding from the fine, white clay of Limoges, through Versailles, and perhaps a loving, innovative family…to an artist of our times. Today we have state-of-the-art harmoniously imbued with rich, French history. Limoges fragments metamorphosed into living pieces of art—truly the stuff of legend and fantasy. Each piece is uniquely designed by internationally famed French artist Pomm. Wear history, wear exquisite splendor. You deserve it.

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