Colette fine jewelry

Colette fine jewelry is made out of Limoges porcelain china surrounded by diamonds, gold and precious stones.

What makes Limoges china so special?

There is a town in the countryside of France called Limoges. This town is known for its beautiful clay. When it was molded to make china it was so beautiful and thin that it became some of the best collected China of the 18th century. Louis the XVI, King of France, bought the factory in 1784 and had China made specially for his Versailles castle. He had each piece sent off to different artists that hand painted designs on each set. This porcelain china is still famous today.

What does Pomm do with this Limoges?

She finds the best part of each porcelain piece and places it into a perfect composition of diamond and precious stones. This accentuates each piece of porcelain and brings out the delicate features of each design. This collection of fine jewelry brings back the fine aesthetics of the French culture.

Her signature branding is the 3 diamonds on only one side of the chain.

Wear your Colette fine jewelry with royalty and bring back a renaissance of the finest things in life.

Pomm's jewelry is currently displayed at D Gallery in Palm Desert, CA and RUTHLESS Fine Jewellery in Carmel, CA.

For any inquiries about Pomm's jewelry lines, please contact Ruth Dresser at: | (833) 788-4001