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The New Renaissance: Part 1

Pomm has been a successful exhibiting artist for 40 years. Her paintings have received numerous awards and are collected internationally, routinely selling for up to $40,000 to $80,000 a piece. She ...
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Introducing Pomm's Art to the Middle East

This year Pomm is expanding her business to new horizons. Pomm is very excited to announce that she has established a representitive of her art for the art market of Kuwait. It's always been a ...
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A New Watercolor on the Way & Revisiting a Lost Classic!

Lately I have been inspired to create my first watercolor painting in over four years. As an artist, I am most well known as a watercolor painter, having worked in this medium for over thirty years. ...
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New Studio, New Work, New Year!

I love my new studio! There is nothing like the fresh start of a new place AND a new year to really get me inspired to paint. My new studio is a dream come true for me and I intend to put it to good ...
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Grand Opening of Pomm's Studio in Pasadena, California

Saturday, December 6th marked the Grand Opening of Pomm's Studio in Pasadena, California. Previously located in Glendale, California, Pomm has returned her studio to the city of Pasadena which was ...
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A legend of Pomm's "Dancing Prism"

Pomm’s Studio is pleased to introduce you to Jody Lynn Perry, our guest blogger for today’s post. Jody is a dear friend, collector of my art. and a very talented writer. Last week I posted ...
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Art That Speaks to You

When choosing new art for your home, there are many different things to consider: subject matter, size, color and style of the artwork. Many times people buy art for purely decorative purposes to ...
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New Artwork

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Here are some new pieces to show. "Dancing Prism" by POMM 28" x 32" original oil on canvas $3,500 Limited edition giclees ...
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