The New Renaissance: Part 1

The New Renaissance: Part 1

Pomm has been a successful exhibiting artist for 40 years. Her paintings have received numerous awards and are collected internationally, routinely selling for up to $40,000 to $80,000 a piece. She knows the ins and outs of the business and has a passion to keep art and artists thriving and continuing to bring aesthetics into the world. Today Pomm begins a series of articles revealing her research into what makes a true master artsit.

I am dedicated to bring back a new Renaissance. There are so many talented artists that don’t get to shine. I want to find them and make them known for others to appreciate. I have been researching what made a true master during the Renaissance times and there are four things I have found that each master has.

I will now give you one of them and do your own research on this. You will see it’s true.

1.) Composition.

They have all been educated in the theory of composition. Their paintings are well balanced. Things are not falling off the edge of the canvases and the elements they want you to focus on attract your attention because of the composition of the piece. Enjoy your own research on this and apply this skill to your own art. It will create an impact and puts you in the category of a true master.



More on Composition coming March 1st.

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