A New Watercolor on the Way & Revisiting a Lost Classic!

A New Watercolor on the Way & Revisiting a Lost Classic!

Lately I have been inspired to create my first watercolor painting in over four years. As an artist, I am most well known as a watercolor painter, having worked in this medium for over thirty years. My watercolors are very realistic in style and are created with detail and precision. One of my more famous watercolors "Tranquility" took over 120 hours to paint.

Over the past ten years, I have been painting mostly in oil paints and I love the freedom of this medium! I enjoy being able to express emotion, passion and movement. When you look at my painting "Duette", you can almost hear the concerto they are playing.

Recently I reconnected with some dear friends and clients of mine. I worked with them on a watercolor commission years ago and had the good fortune to visit with them in their beautiful home and was able to see it once again. It was like seeing an old friend after many years. You immediately reconnect and pick up right where you left off.

This "old friend" of a painting inspired me to head back to the studio again and start on my newest watercolor, the first in over four years. Below is a little peek of the corner.

Stay tuned for more progress! I welcome you to visit the studio if you are ever in the southern California area. Call Gail at 626-219-6351 for any appointment.

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