Honoring Our Local Heroes

Honoring Our Local Heroes

Pomm's iconic painting "Unspoken Courage" was created to honor the first responders in the aftermath of 9/11. Pomm wanted to remember those who gave their lives and to recognize all first responders for their bravery and courage: powerful, yet unspoken.

"When I think of the ultimate sacrifice they made and the families and friends they left behind, I am filled with a feeling of gratitude for the dedication and professionalism of these men, and all of those that we depend on daily to keep us safe. These are our unspoken heroes and that is who I created my painting ”Unspoken Courage” for," said Pomm.

Yocheved Rosenthal, a collector of Pomm's watercolor paintings, has a great affinity for Pomm's art and her "Unspoken Courage" in particular. She also has a deep appreciation for her local Fire Station 61 on 3rd Street in Los Angeles. She is a dispatcher for a volunteer emergency response team named Hatzolah which means "to rescue." Her responders work side by side with the Fire Department to repsond to emergencies in a timely manner.

She personally has tremendous respect for the Firefighters and decided to give them Pomm's "Unspoken Courage" tile as a gift of gratitude. In Yocheved's words, "They truly are largely unrecognized heroes."

Pomm was very touched by her generosity and wanted to share this story as a reminder of the good in this world.

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