A legend of Pomm's "Dancing Prism"

A legend of Pomm's "Dancing Prism"

Pomm’s Studio is pleased to introduce you to Jody Lynn Perry, our guest blogger for today’s post. Jody is a dear friend, collector of my art. and a very talented writer. Last week I posted about art that moves you. What you are about to read is Jody’s response to my newest painting ‘Dancing Prism”. Upon viewing this painting, the muse further stirred her to create the name for it. I think you will agree she was both moved and inspired to write this beautiful story . Enjoy!


By Jody Lynn Perry Copyright © 2014 All Rights Reserved

Tuscanie let a quiet groan of frustration. "How did they do it?" she lamented. "How did all these women trill this aria so…effortlessly?"

"Dear child," her voice coach assured her, "even Mozart's renowned sister-in-law must have struggled with the complexities of this melody before her voice rang it true."

"Yes, but he wrote it specifically with Josepha Hofer in mind. All those staccatos! He must have known—"

"Possibly," she interrupted her pupil. Over the years she had helped many an exasperated student through the demanding passages of Der Hölle Rache ( Here In My Heart) from Mozart's opera The Magic Flute. The aria was beautiful and famous and known for its challenging complexity.

"It is time you took an interlude," she suggested, gently firm. "A walk on this lovely day will inspire your voice."

Tuscanie rose. It had been several hours, and she knew her teacher was right. With a hopeful smile, she withdrew into the welcoming sunlight.

She stopped at a customary corner, opting, impulsively, for the opposite direction. Meandering leisurely, the unfamiliar geography silenced her crowded thoughts. Tuscanie let her gaze rove lazily over the small cottages and quaint, older apartments, much like hers on Rue de Palette.

The sidewalk beamed with blushes of buds; tender new white primroses, blue forget-me-nots and lavender sending a heady whiff of invigorating perfume. Faded shutters of greens, reds and blues soaked in warm rays and whispered to the birds. Bright red poppies, pink bougainvillea and wood violets added to the pathway of varied hues.

In her mind, caressing her world, was not an aria, but Debussy's symphonic poem Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Faun. She paused as she came upon an elderly woman on a chaise, a cat sunning lazily on her lap.

"Bon apres-midi (good afternoon)," the woman greeted, her worn and friendly face creased with affectionate memories of yesterdays meeting tomorrows.

"Bonjour, Madame," Tuscanie said, affection for the woman and her cat illuminating their shared moment. The warm brightness of the day imported the feeling of a serene forever. Bees busily collected pollen, buzzing importantly, and warning Tuscanie to steer clear of their flowering fortunes.

It was then Tuscanie's gaze fell upon what appeared almost as a mirage, too brilliant and breathtaking to be truly real. Perhaps the sun was at a particularly auspicious angle. Perhaps the paint was magically iridescent. Perhaps the red and pink roses added to the vividness of the spectrum. The welcoming domicile was practically dancing with light and color.

The old woman nodded, the creases in her countenance broadening. "You see it, vous n'avez pas (do you not)? It is my Dancing Prism."

Tuscanie stood before this seeming apparition, transfixed upon the ethereal moment, seemingly light years from her Earth. For a fleeting, gossamer twinkling, Tuscanie became herself a dancing prism.

The old woman lounged quietly, surveying the young girl. Presently she murmured, "You know how to sing the aria now."

And Tuscanie, in clear, coloratura soprano, gave full life to Mozart's aria, rejoicing into the air a perfection of tomorrow's promise.

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