Artists for Human Rights

In 2006 , Pomm became part of Artists for Human Rights International, a group formed with the purpose of bringing artists together with the common cause of raised awareness and education of human rights.

"Artists have a way of communicating which gets a story told. I wanted to join with other artists who have a vision of peace on earth. The way to forward a movement towards peace is to let people know they have rights. This is how we can create a world without violence and war. Together we are using the power of artists communications to move the world towards one where all respect human rights, and where human rights are a reality, and not just a dream."

In 1948, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with 191 countries now ascribing to this declaration. This document delineates 30 basic articles of universal human rights. The startling fact is that most people have not had the opportunity or benefit of even seeing these rights clearly laid out. You cannot defend what you do not know.

Pomm became the Director of the Visual Artists for Human Rights; and helped to organize three art exhibits in New York and Los Angeles, while building membership and support for the group.

Beginning in New York City, the first exhibit included heart-wrenching evocation of rights violations, and inspiring scenes of a world where human rights are truly respected. It opened in SoHo's Westwood Gallery on August 25, 2006. The exhibit started a two-day summit which included a major conference at United Nations Headquarters, and a concert in Union Square Park. On August 24, at the Westwood Gallery in New York City, a limited edition print of Pomm's latest watercolor, "We Believe in Peace," was presented by the artist to Mr. Enzo di Taranto, of the United Nations, on behalf of Artists for Human Rights International. Mr. di Taranto is the coordinator of the United Nations' Action Two program on Human Rights and has displayed "We Believe in Peace" at the United Nations.

The exhibit then traveled to Los Angeles. Pomm's watercolor, "We Believe in Peace", was featured in the Visual Artists for Human Rights show at the Johnson Gallery, on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles in 2006, as well. The show opened October 26; and ran through Nov 17, reaching out to the public with its message of increased awareness and support for human rights.

Pomm's art was also featured in November of 2007 at the exclusive James Gray art gallery in Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, California. Anne Archer, founder of Artists for Human Rights, hosted the opening reception. In addition to "We Believe in Peace," Pomm also exhibited a new original oil, "Left Behind."

"We Believe in Peace"

Painted in 2006, "We Believe in Peace" was created with the intention of advancing the cause of world peace.

Says Pomm, "As an artist, I draw my inspiration from the world around me. I see daily the innate goodness of mankind, but also the suffering and inhumanity that have become part of life on this planet. It is important to me to communicate the vision of world peace, since artists have the power to uplift the culture, and change people's awareness. Artists can paint the future. I painted this painting, 'We Believe in Peace' with the intention that someday world peace will become a reality, and not just a dream. Along with you, I hope that day will occur soon."

"We Believe in Peace" has been part of several art exhibitions to promote awareness of human rights; and has been exhibited at the Florence Biennale 2007, the largest international art exhibit in the world, held in Florence, Italy.

"We have a right to a fair and free world where we can enjoy and protect our rights at home and anywhere in the world. The sky is free to all, covering us all, and the flags represent the community of nations encompassing our international and national identities. The sea touches us and is a bridge between the individual and the global community. The children are the future and are envisioning all countries enjoying these rights while maintaining their own points of view."

Quote that is on the painting:

"On the day when we can fully trust each other,
there will be peace on Earth"

- L. Ron Hubbard, Author and Humanitarian

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