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Famous Artist Pomm | Painting Pure Oil Painting
Master Painter, Pomm, Painting Pure

"People inspire me. I paint the pleasure moments of life; the times we always want to remember, the memories that make us smile."

"People are of great interest to me. Traveling the world, I've admired so many different cultures and how they express their lives through art. It's important for me to understand how other people see the world. As an artist, I care about mankind."

"To touch someone's heart is what moves me and inspires me. With my paintings I can create those moments when someone was happy; when someone could smell the flowers and could feel the gentle breezes. That's the true joy of creation for me -- to know others will feel calm, uplifted and happy about life through my art."

"In painting, I look for those moments when I was enjoying everything around me and truly being in the present. Through seeing and feeling the wonder of life, I work to capture those moments on the canvas."

"I draw my inspiration from the world around me. I see daily the innate goodness of mankind but also see the suffering and inhumanity that have become part of life on this planet."

"It is important to me that I communicate the peace and beauty of existence. As an artist, I realize that I have the power to uplift the culture. Knowing that my art helps others feel peaceful makes it all worthwhile. Bringing back the memories that made others smile gives me joy... their joy is my joy."

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